Body Shells


MGB GT bodyshells are manufactured by using original factory press tooling and assembly jigs. They represent the most economical and accurate method of restoring a car. All bodyshells are spray primed.

Bodyshells MGB GT


All parts listed may be ordered from your Heritage Approved Specialist. For those parts not listed, Heritage Specialists are able to place a special order directly on the British Motor Heritage factory.

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Item CodeSRP
(Inc. VAT)
AHH738313800Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1965-67 (RHD, 3 synchro, push button door handles)
HZA424713500Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1967-74 (RHD/LHD, 4 synchro, chrome bumper, not North America)
HZA424813500Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1967-74 (LHD, 4 synchro, chrome bumper, North America only)
HZA489413500Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1974-76 (RHD, rubber bumper, mechanical radiator fan)
HZA524013500Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1976-77 (RHD, rubber bumper, electric radiator fan, single line brakes)
HZA554613500Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1978 on (RHD, rubber bumper, dual line brakes)
BMH901013500Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1974-75 (LHD, rubber bumper, mechanical radiator fan, North America only)
HZA425114700Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT V8, 1972-74 (RHD, chrome bumper, original spec.)
BMH902014700Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT V8, 1974-76 (RHD, rubber bumper, original spec.)
BMH902315000Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, V8 conversion (RHD/LHD, chrome bumper, with RV8 inner wings, not North America)


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