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MGB GT bodyshells are manufactured by using original factory press tooling and assembly jigs. They represent the most economical and accurate method of restoring a car. All bodyshells are spray primed.

Bodyshells MGB GT

Fitting Notes 2022 cover

Bodyshell Fitting Notes

To help with preparing your MGB GT bodyshell for build, download our Bodyshell Fitting Notes brochure which provides you with information on preparing and finishing your bodyshell.


All parts listed may be ordered from your Heritage Approved Specialist. For those parts not listed, Heritage Specialists are able to place a special order directly on the British Motor Heritage factory.

Select a specialist from the list below to find out more details

Item CodeSRP
(Inc. VAT)
AHH738315900Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1965-67 (RHD, 3 synchro, push button door handles)
HZA424715480Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1967-74 (RHD/LHD, 4 synchro, chrome bumper, not North America)
HZA424815480Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1967-74 (LHD, 4 synchro, chrome bumper, North America only)
HZA489415480Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1974-76 (RHD, rubber bumper, mechanical radiator fan)
HZA524015480Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1976-77 (RHD, rubber bumper, electric radiator fan, single line brakes)
HZA554615480Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1978 on (RHD, rubber bumper, dual line brakes)
BMH901015480Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, 1974-75 (LHD, rubber bumper, mechanical radiator fan, North America only)
HZA425116680Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT V8, 1972-74 (RHD, chrome bumper, original spec.)
BMH902016680Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT V8, 1974-76 (RHD, rubber bumper, original spec.)
BMH902317160Bodyshell, Body Complete AssemblyMGB GT, V8 conversion (RHD/LHD, chrome bumper, with RV8 inner wings, not North America)


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