Original Engineering Drawings

British Motor Heritage holds over 1,000,000 original engineering drawings, unfortunately these were taken out of recorded archives from the British Motor Museum at Gaydon when Rover Group was sold.

British Motor Heritage Original drawing cabinets
British Motor Heritage Original Drawings

They were going to be destroyed but British Motor Heritage stepped in and took delivery of 4 x 40 foot containers full of drawings and drawing cabinets.

Our goal is to create a digital library of all of the original drawings and make them available to you the British Motor Heritage family

British Motor Heritage Rover Original Drawings 269430 chassis composite frame88 Rover
British Motoring Heritage Original Drawings

We have now embarked on digitising all of these drawings, it is a painstaking process but eventually we will have a full library of the drawings available.

We will update this page as and when we have further news.


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