Mini Skins

Key Part No Description Model SRP–£
S1 14A8308 Front Grille Assy 1964-1975 203.54
ASJ36002 Front Grille Assy 1990-1996 203.54
ALA8619 Front Grille Assy 1976-1989 203.54
ASJ360070 Front Grille Assy Post 97 203.54
S2 BMP103Bumper Mtg RailAll 18.21
S3 24A1918Diagonal Strut GrilleOil Cooler 12.83
S4 ALA4583Vertical Strut Grilleto 1996 10.23
S5 BKA360110 Bonnet Assy 1997 191.91
24A1182 Bonnet Assy 1959-1967 191.91
CZH455 Bonnet Assy 1970-1996 191.91
ALA7455 Bonnet Assy 1967-1969 191.91
BKA360070 Bonnet Assy 1997-On 191.91
S6 ALA6664 Grille Mouding Support1967-On 19.28
S7 BMP455 Front Wing With Aerial Hole LH Side Rep 110.50
HMP441025 LH Wing with Aerial + Repeater+Round headlamp Side Rep 110.50
BMP454 Front Wing RH Side Rep 110.50
14A6477 Front Wing LH No Side Rep 110.50
ASB360010 Front Wing LH Side Rep 110.50
14A7240 Front Wing RH up to 1986 110.50
14A6476 Front Wing RH No Side Rep 110.50
14A7241 Front Wing LH up to 1986 110.50
HMP441024 RH Wing + Repeater hole+ Round headlamp Side Rep 110.50
S8 14A6693 Headlamp Mtg Repair 1959-1986 12.83
S9 CZH3140 Windscreen Comp Assy 1970-On 226.58
S10 HMP441001 Screen Surround Repair All 145.40
S11 AKA360010 Roof Panel Aerial hole 427.47
14A5503 Roof Panel No Aerial 427.47
S12 BMP327 14a7901w 1970-1989 494.34
14A8307 Door LH 1959-1969 639.72
BMP326 Door Assy RH (less hinges) 1970-1989 494.34
BDA360110 Door Complete LH 1990-On 494.34
BDA360100 Door Complete RH 1990-On 494.34
14A8306 Door RH 1959-1969 639.72
S13 CZH3300 Door Skin RH 1970-On 93.06
14A5498 Door Skin RH 1959-1969 93.06
CZH3301 Door Skin LH 1970-On 93.06
14A5499 Door Skin LH 1959-1969 93.06
ND HMP441029 Wheelarch Reinforcement Kit Sportspack 78.91
ND FPC100130 Safety Catch with Spring 1959-1996 14.89
ND 24A857 Prop Rod (57-69) Satin 1967-1969 8.44
Key Part No Description Model SRP–£
S14 CZH431 Bodyside Complete LH 1970-On 384.72
CZH430 Bodyside Complete RH 1970-On 384.72
S15 HMP441015 Rear Qtr Repair LH 1970-On 128.24
HMP441014 Rear Qtr Repair RH 1970-On 128.24
S16 CZH123 Door Surround LH 1970-On 128.24
CZH122 Door Surround RH 1970-On 128.24
S17 HMP441012 A Post/Door Step Repair RH 1970-On 91.60
HMP441013 A Post/Door Step Repair LH 1970-On 91.60
S19 CZH426 Waist Rail Assy RH 1970-On 51.77
CZH427 Waist Rail Assy LH 1970-On 51.77
S20 ALA5661 Monoside Scuttle Panel LH 1970-On 24.42
ALA5660 Monoside Scuttle Panel RH 1970-On 24.42
14A6901 A Post Outer RH 1959-1969 39.69
14A6902 A Post Outer LH 1959-1969 39.69
S21 14A8346 Inner A Post Assy RH 1959-1969 75.73
14A8347 Inner A Post Assy LH 1959-1969 75.73
S22 14A8349 Gusset A Post LH 1959-1969 14.66
14A8348 Gusset A Post RH 1959-1969 14.66
S23 14A6675 Upper Dash Rail All 39.09
S24 28G110 MK1 1959-1969 348.95
BMD36001 Boot Lid Assy 1990-On 215.19
BMP339 Boot Lid Assy 1970-1989 215.19
S25 BMP102 Boot Lid Skin Panel 1970-On 68.02
S26 HMP441022 Back Panel Assy 1969-1989 314.06
ALA6417 Back Panel Assy 1990-On 314.06
HMP441046 Back Panel Mk One 1959-1969 354.76
S27 HMP441019 Back Panel Lower Half Repair 1967-On 232.64
S28 HMP441009 Back Panel Lower Repair 1967-On 213.72
S31 BMP201 Moulding Parcel Shelf 1970-On 53.55
ND HMP441029 Wheelarch Reinforcement Kit Sportspack 78.91
S33 14A9999 Cover Strip Seam Front All 18.51
S34 14A6784 Cover Strip Seam LH Rear All 20.57
14A6783 Cover Strip Seam RH Rear All 20.57
S35 14A6782 Seam Moulding Rear Lower All 3.22
S36 14A5497 Rear Valance All 59.84
14A6940 Rear Valance (no holes) 1959-1969 59.84
CZH3353 Rear Valance + Fog Light Ftgs 1980-On 59.84
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