Anglo Parts Launch 2024 British Car Day in Belgium

Anglo Parts have announced the date for the British Car Day in Belgium

Anglo Parts

British Car Day is an event celebrating classic British cars. Anglo Parts believe that sustainability and classic cars go hand in hand, and we want to showcase this to the world. The first edition of British Car Day will take place on 20 April, from 9:30 to 16:00h in the Zandvoortstraat in Mechelen, Belgium. They invite all classic car enthusiasts to join them for a day filled with classic cars, food, and music!


We, as classic car enthusiasts, believe that owning and maintaining a classic car is inherently sustainable.

Living in a disposable culture promotes discarding and repurchasing, seemingly convenient. Yet, it’s overlooked that each new product involves a production and delivery process, consuming time, energy, and money—often more than repair. Convenient for individuals, but a societal burden.

Join us for the first edition of British Car Day, a celebration of the classic British car as a sustainable vehicle. British Car Day is an annual British classic car event hosted at Anglo Parts nv’s premises and shop. This gathering offers classic car clubs, garages, and enthusiasts a platform to establish connections. The British Car Day organisation, comprised of classic car enthusiasts, advocates for the inherent sustainability of owning and maintaining classic cars. We envision a future for these timeless vehicles even within a CO2 neutral automotive environment. Through collaboration, we aim to secure a green future for classic cars for generations to come.

What does this day have in store for you?

Classic cars are often dubbed as smelly four-wheelers, deemed the cows of the automotive industry. However, the story might not be so straightforward. Measures against vintage cars aim to cut CO2 emissions, but this is often a small contribution. This year’s theme invites a moment to reconsider – vintage cars may not be as polluting as commonly perceived.

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