BMH announce two new products to its extensive body panel range.

These products are the Upper Tonneau Sides for the TR4/4A/250/5 models.

These are the rear extensions of the rear deck, which go between the boot lid and the rear wing. They have parts numbers 850007, LH and 850008, RH.

These have been tooled and pressed in Warwickshire, trimmed in Coventry and painted in Northamptonshire. These products are finished with an electro coated paint finish. Electro coat system applies a DC charge to the metal part immersed in a bath of oppositely charged paint particles. The paint particles are drawn to the metal part and the paint is deposited on the surface, forming an even continuous film over every surface.

TR Upper Tonneau Sides 850007 and 850008

850007 Upper Tonneau Side, LH, TR4/4A/250/5

Retail Price £165.00 ex vat

850008 Upper Tonneau Side, RH, TR4/4A/250/5  

Retail Price £165.00 ex vat

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