Frontline Costello

Frontline Developments

Frontline Costello
9 Station Yard
OX13 6RX

Telephone: 01235 832632

Marques & Models:
MG and MG Midget

Welcome to Frontline Costello – Craftmanship, heritage and fast cars.

Since 1991 Frontline Developments have been providing suspension, braking and gearbox upgrades for the MG community. Since 2011 they have produced complete bespoke commissions, such as the LE50, which commemorated 50 years of the MGB, this particular series utilised a modern Mazda Engine and Gearbox with Frontlines own handcrafted upholstery, to various specifications.

Frontline continue to lead the way within the restomod community as well as providing modern upgrades to an array of Classic British Sportscars.
Please visit our website and social media platforms to explore the latest commissions and upgrades available.


Supply and Installation of Suspension & Brake upgrades
Modernisation & Performance upgrades
Engine Building
Service and repairs
Interior Trim & Upholstery


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