Sanwa Trading & Co

Sanwa Trading

Sanwa Trading & Co
Main Building
2-8-4 Shinkiba
Tokyo 136-0082

Telephone: 03-3521-5881
Email: Details to follow

Marques & Models:
Classic Mini’s

Welcome to Sanwa Trading & Co

Sanwa Trading was established in 1984 as Japan’s first wholesale company specialising in import and sales of mini and British car parts, and based on the longest company history and experience in Japan, it is a mini shop and rover agency of about 360 stores nationwide.

It is the only wholesaler specialising in business sales in Japan that only sells to. Although we are in the position of assisting the British car market, we have researched and developed and commercialized many accessories and tuning parts to Japanese specifications that cannot be covered by imported car dealers alone, and we are dealing with famous mini specialty shops nationwide


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