Heritage information sheet
Body sealing - Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget
In response to customer feedback, Heritage bodies no longer have seam sealer applied, allowing owners the choice when preparing their cars for concours d'elegance or competition use. This information sheet has been produced as a guide for those owners who wish to seam seal their bodyshell to the original factory specification prior to applying coats of primer.

It is recommended that the sealer is applied to the bodyshell using a caulking gun and then worked into the seam with a short bristled brush.

Suitable products include any air drying sealant for home application or, if the work is carried out by a professional painting company, a product suitable for the company's paint spray oven and curing temperature is required.
1. Engine bay
Apply as shown.
2. Bonnet slam panel
Apply as shown.
3. Footwells
Apply to both sides as shown.
4. Transmission tunnel and rear body
Apply to both sides of the tunnel, down into the footwell, rear floor and rear inner wheel arches.
5. Rear wheel arches
Apply to both sides as shown(left hand side illustrated).